Jan 28 - Jan 29, 2022
09-06 GMT

International Webinar on Civil Engineering and Architectural Design

Yanliang NIU

Associate Professor

Organsing Committee Member

Shijiazhuang Tiedao University


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Ph. D.(Construction Management), School of Economics and management, Tongji University , PRC (2009 12)
Master of Engineering (Management Science and Engineering), Chongqing Jiaotong University PRC (2006 09)
Bachelor of Management (Construction Management ), Dongbei University of Finance & Economics , PRC (2002 06)


1Keynote Speaker, Forum on construction organization management & technical of High speed rail way, Opportunities
and challenges for intelligent management of high speed railway project in the new era, 2019.11.6 2019.11.7,
Shijiazhuang, China. Hosted by Construction Management Branch of China Railway Society
2Guest speaker, t he 8th Youth Scholar Fo rum of the Architectural Society of China Construction Management
Research Section , Coopetition mechanism and strategies of international joint ventures in high speed railway projects ,2020.10.17 2020.10.18, Lanzhou, China. Hosted by the Architectural Soci ety of China Construction Management Research Section
3 Guest speaker,The 2nd Young Scholars Seminar of the Construction Management Branch of the Management Science and Engineering Society Opportunities and c hallenges in international competition of railway enterprises , 2020.11.27 2020.11.28, Xuzhou, China. Hosted by the Construction Management Branch of the Management Science and Engineering Society .
4 Guest speaker, International Symposium on Sustainable Construction and Management Innovation, Comp etition and cooperation in railway "going global", 2019.12.2 2019.12.3, Xian, China, Hosted by Changan University
5 Keynote speaker, Symposium on frontiers of engineering management theory & method, International railway
development report version 1.0, 201 9.12.6 2019.12.7, Shijiazhuang, China, Hosted by Shijiazhuang Tiedao University
6 Guest speaker, t he third symposium of overseas Chinese scholars in civil engineering, Global competition in
high speed railway industry, 2019.7.7 2019.7.9, Nanjing, China, Ho sted by China civil engineering society, and
Southeast University
7Guest speaker, t he second symposium of overseas Chinese scholars in civil engineering, Competitive advantages analysis in international high speed rail projects a case study of Californ ia high speed railway ETO project, 2018.7.7 2018.7.9, Nanjing, China, Hosted by China civil engineering society, and Southeast University
8 Excellent Paper Award, the 13th China engineering management forum and 2019 international engineering technology high level forum, Study on the Partner Selection of International High speed Railway Joint Ventures,
2019.12.20 2019.12.22 Jinan, China, Hosted by Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Government of Shandong Province