Jan 28 - Jan 29, 2022
09-06 GMT

International Webinar on Civil Engineering and Architectural Design

Mehran Akhavan Salmassi

Ph.D. Candidate

Organsing Committee Member

Islamic Azad University


Mehran Akhavan Salmassi graduated in Civil Engineering in 1998. He has been working in various fields of projects for more than twenty years. In 2017, he received his master's degree in structural engineering and currently he is a Ph.D. candidate in structural engineering. He is interested in research in the field of tall buildings and seismic control of structures.

Research & Interest

Tall Buildings

Seismic Control


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Akavan Salmassi, M. Gerami, M. Heidari Tafreshi, A. (2019), "Evaluation of Flexible Steel Frame
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Akavan Salmassi, M. Hemmati, A. Kheyroddin, A. (2019), " SEISMIC RESPONSE CONTROL BY
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Modern Materials and Structures in Civil Engineering, Bu-Ali Sina University, Hamedan, Iran.


Bachelor's degree 1994-1998
Civil engineering-IAU (Islamic Azad University), Iran.

Master's degree 2014-2017
Structural Engineering- IAU (Islamic Azad University), Iran.

Ph.D. Candidate 2017-Now
Structural Engineering- IAU (Islamic Azad University), Iran.