Jan 28 - Jan 29, 2022
09-06 GMT

International Webinar on Civil Engineering and Architectural Design

Emile Horak

Managing Director

Scientific Committee Member

Kubu Consultancy Pty Ltd


Emile had been working in the world of research and technology transfer in an official and un-official capacity over the last 40 years. His career started as a researcher with the premier research institution in South Africa, the CSIR in Pretoria.  He became the Head of Pavement Engineering Group in the Transportek Division. He was in charge of the fleet of accelerated pavement testing  (APT) machines, the Heavy Vehicle Simulators (HVSs) which had a major effect on the validation of the SA Mechanistic Pavement Design Procedure.  He was also the person who did the accelerated pavement testing technology transfer of  the HVS technology worldwide via the Dynatest and Caltrans connection.

Emile was City Engineer with the Johannesburg City Council responsible for the roads, storm water and works division and ended as head of service delivery of the Greater Johannesburg Metropolitan Council in the transition period of the new democratic South Africa in 1994/1995.

Emile spent two years with Murray and Roberts Contractors with the development of toll roads, development of contract routine road maintenance  and toll concessions in Southern Africa.  

Emile moved into education and training for 12 years of which 10 were as Head of the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Pretoria. Emile lectured in pavement engineering, airport engineering and technological innovation at under graduate and post graduate levels. He is still involved in guiding undergraduate research as well as masters and PhD research students.

Emile Horak is a consulting engineer specialising in materials, roads and airport engineering. He is founder member of the specialist pavement and materials engineering firm, Kubu Consultancy (Pty) Ltd and Emile Horak and Associates (Pty) Ltd). He has been involved in a number of major roads and airport pavement design projects throughout his 40 years experience as registered professional engineer with other consulting engineering firms.    He has acted as specialist consultant and witness for a number of clients in arbitration and mediation cases.  

Emile Horak holds a PhD in Civil Engineering from the University of Pretoria, as well as the Honours, Masters and his initial Baccalaureus degrees in Civil Engineering. Emile also did post graduate studies at the University of Stellenbosch and Cape Town and the University of South Africa (UNISA). Emile spent a year abroad at the University of California, Berkeley, obtaining the Masters of Science in Transportation Engineering (MS Transp. Eng.)

 Emile has more than 200 peer reviewed papers and journal papers published of which most are in the field of airports and pavement engineering. Various other international conference papers have also been delivered and appeared in the proceedings of such peer reviewed conferences.