Jan 28 - Jan 29, 2022
09-06 GMT

International Webinar on Civil Engineering and Architectural Design

Andreas Krattiger


Scientific Committee Member

Drytech Waterproofing System Engineering - Switzerland


As a boy during the summer vacations, I got to know the world of construction by working in the family business from 1974 to 1978 I worked at a construction company and developed the interest of my current profession in the area of waterproofing.

Currently I am in charge our family business, an international company with 60 employees specialized in injections and 10 franchising companies that use our technologies.

I take care of the corporate control, development of the international Market and research & development new systems and technologies for new ·construction and reinforcing and waterproofing injections.

Finalized Proiects 2019-2021

During the last two years, to be able to help our three daughters, to discover their passions and make their career choice, I have written a 105-page text in which I make a review of religions history, going to the world of finance and searching to find out how are the developments and the future of the world economy.

After finding a general lack of professional knowledge in my work sector, I developed in 110-page a Waterproofing Engineering Manual for Designers, in compliance with the the 8 standards, entering my experience to help dem to design a waterproofing project for Underground Structures in Groundwater and Tunnels, showing them the possible functional interpretation to reduce the 83% rate of 327 design errors by design engineers, described in EMPA's 2004 report that analyzed the functionality and watertightness of 63 Tunnels in Switzerland.